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It costs us £4 million a year to do what we do, which is why we’re hugely dependent on your generous donations and fundraising support.

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No one ever wants to have to use a children’s hospice. But NOT having access to an excellent hospice, if you ever needed one, would be far worse.

What we do changes lives: it’s that simple. So for the sake of the children and families we care for, please help us to keep doing it.


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Everyone’s different, so we’ve come up with all sorts of ways to help us raise essential funds. Click through for ideas about what you could do, or how to join in with what’s already going on.

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Poppy's story

The last thing you want at your 20-week-scan is the devastating news that your baby has a serious condition. Poppy’s parents found out she had Edwards Syndrome – and although she didn’t survive her birth, we supported the whole family leading up to the birth and helped them cope with her death.

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Bethanie's story

Bethanie started getting tremors in her arms when she was 7, and eventually the specialists decided she may have a rare condition called leukodystrophy. Despite this, and with our support, Bethanie has blossomed into a typical teenage girl who loves music and going shopping.


Jacob's story

Little Jacob has Down syndrome, but not long after he was born he stopped breathing and had a series of apnoea attacks. He spent months in hospital, and now needs a lot of care. We look after Jacob once a fortnight at home, and we provide respite care so his family can have a break.

A father at play with his child throws in in the air playfully.

Thomas's story

Tomas was poorly when he was born, and he was later diagnosed with CCHS, for which there’s no cure. He needs support to breathe, so his family are on alert 24/7. They all come to us together for mini-breaks, and we take Hospice at Home out to them so our nursing support can relieve his family.

Short of time?

Not everyone has the puff to run, the panache for a onesie, or the patience for baking.

If you’re in a rush, or just want to make a difference without putting too much effort into it, we get it. Here are some links to the most easy-peasy ways to support us.

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