Group of fundraisers presenting a large cheque in the garden at Russell House.

Helping as a group

Getting together with other people adds a fantastic social dimension to fundraising, and means you can achieve so much more.

All over the area, lots of people are getting together to support us: mums & toddlers, Scouts and Guides, sports clubs, Rotary and Lions, Ladies Circles, Inner Wheel Clubs, and many more. Whether you’re a voluntary group, a faith-based or youth organisation, or community fundraisers, it’s more fun, and more effective, to do it together.

Start or join a fundraising group

Starting or joining a fundraising group is a great way to raise money for us while also making new friends, trying new things and having a lot of fun. If you’re starting a group, begin with a few like-minded, motivated people and build up from a fairly simple start, aiming for bigger events as you get more experienced and gather more helpers. You’ll need an elected chairperson and a treasurer, but you don’t have to be terribly formal – just accurate. We’ll always help our registered support groups with advice, ideas, materials, publicity and more.

Scouts & Guides

Some amazingly energetic Scout and Guide troupes have supported us, because it’s a fantastic way to get our help while meeting your challenges. As you work towards your fundraising badges and community involvement, we’ll give you targets, guide your efforts, and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved. We’ll even come and talk to your group, so that your young people understand what we do. This helps get the excitement and enthusiasm going, and it’s a really effective way for them to learn about how some other young people live.

Social Clubs

We’ve seen for ourselves just how hardworking and generous these groups can be. We’ll gladly come and talk to you about what we do, the difference you could make, and how you can best support us. We’d also be very happy to discuss a potential charity-partner nomination.

Faith groups

We’re so privileged to have the support of wonderful individuals and groups from across the faiths, who support us all year round and especially at Christmas, Eid, Ramadan, Hanukkah and Diwali. We’d be very happy to come to your place of worship to do a talk or presentation about our work, so do feel free to ask!

Let’s get together

If you’d like to support us as a group, or have any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you. Just call 01484 411040 or email