Group of college students presenting a large cheque.

Colleges & universities

There’s almost no limit to what students can achieve when they set their mind to it!

In our experience, students have huge amounts of compassion, energy and motivation. And they can achieve extraordinary things. So if you’re interested in fundraising for us, now’s the time to really think BIG. Whatever you raise will help to spread a little more of our magic among children with life-shortening conditions – as well as their families, who do such an amazing job of caring for them despite the worry.

So could you…
  • challenge one another to get to Aberdeen without spending any money
  • hold a ‘King of Cakes’ competition
  • stay silent for 24 hours
  • abseil off your nearest cathedral
  • put on a vintage fashion show featuring clothes sourced from charity shops (preferably ours!)
  • do the Three Peaks Challenge
  • have your chest waxed
  • wear fancy-dress for 24 hours (how about going to lectures as a Stormtrooper?)
  • auction promises – like cooking someone a meal or ironing their clothes
  • pack bags at a local supermarket (with the double-whammy of beating the Brownies at their own game)
  • do a car-wash at the academic staff car park
  • collected unwanted clothes to go to our charity shops
  • a 24-hour dance-a-thon (Strictly-style?) or karaoke
  • a chess challenge
  • host a buy-a-ticket dinner party?

You’ll probably have MUCH better ideas! Or check out our suggested events. But if there’s anything we can do to help, just let us know. We can provide various materials and could even promote your event on our social media, or let the newspapers and radio stations know.

We’d love to hear all about it

We’ll offer any help we can, so please tell us your plans in advance, or email us at or call us on 01484 411040. And don’t forget to tell us all about it afterwards! – we’d love to see your photos.

Why not volunteer for us?

If fundraising isn't your bag, but you'd still love to help us, we're constantly on the lookout for young, enthusiastic volunteers to help us out in a whole range of roles in events, our shops and at our hospice.