Schools can support our hospice | Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice

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Children and young people find the idea of supporting other children hugely motivating. It’s great for personal development, great for teamwork, and great for us.

There are countless ways for schools like yours to get involved with supporting us. If you’d like to raise money for us, our fundraising team is standing by to offer any help you may need, as well as advising on the most age-appropriate ways to do it. While charity, fundraising and community engagement may already be part of your curriculum, we’ll do our best to make it fun, rewarding and memorable!

Let us know if:
  • you need any ideals or materials to support your fundraising plans.
  • you’d like us to come and do a talk at your school; either in assembly or lesson time. This can be a great way to kick off your campaign or thank the young people afterwards. Or we’d be happy to come along even if you aren’t fundraising!
  • you’d like to bring a group to tour Russell House on one of our open days.
  • you’d like to appoint one or more of your young people as a charity ambassador for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. They can be a link point between you/us and the rest of your pupils or students.

Primary schools

Primary-aged pupils are often very taken with the idea of helping other local children of a similar age. We think that’s wonderful, and needs encouraging! If they’d like to fundraise but are stuck for ideas, something like a traditional bake sale can be relatively easy to arrange, or how about pyjama days, pocket-money donations, sponsored reads, or a sporting challenge? And you can get parents involved with their own events, too – like fashion shows and sponsored runs.

Secondary schools

We challenge you to dial your fundraising up a notch!
  • Come to school in your onesie (yes, even the staff) – we’ve got Onesie Wednesday all sewn up!
  • Put a teacher in stocks and sell lobs of a wet sponge (sorry)
  • Hold a Great Schoolish Bake-Off or a School’s Got Talent
  • Host a car-boot or jumble sale
  • Wash cars for the local community

The students themselves will often come up with the best, most creative ideas. But it’s a little more challenging for them to go ahead and organise it all, so that’s a great way for them to develop soft skills like administration, communication and teamwork.

We’re here to help

Our fundraising team is here to help, advise, support and encourage your young people! Let us know about your event in advance, and please do tell us all about it afterwards, too.

If you have any questions at all, call us on 01484 411040 or email