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Bringing the Olympics to you!

Yes, our Around the World challenge is back and this year, it’s even easier for schools and children to get involved. Perfect for nursery and primary school children, our Olympics-themed challenges deliver bags of fun and plenty of physical activity.

Celebrating countries all Around the World!

In 2021, we’re bringing the thrill of the Olympics to the classroom! Help us celebrate all the countries ‘Around the World’ by taking on our Olympic-themed challenges during Children’s Hospice week (21st June). 

From rowing races to pentathlons, our challenges are designed to be completed in PE lessons and will help children get active, engaged - and learning. We’ll provide all the resources and lesson plans teachers might need - from challenge guides and sponsorship packs to certificates and even a virtual assembly to get pupils excited to take part.

The school that raises the most money per head will win a classroom makeover courtesy of PPG PLUS £2,500 to spend on resources. And teachers can nominate children who make a special Olympic effort for the chance to win our summer extravaganza bundle!

After the year we all had last year, what could be better than getting involved in some much-needed, well-deserved fun? Join us by emailing and together we’ll make 2021 a truly Olympic year!