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How you can help

There’s never been a better or more important time to fundraise for us than right now! Help us celebrate 10 years of being a home-from-home for families and help us be here for the next 10 years. How you do that is entirely up to you, but here are a few ideas!

Making your fundraising 10th-birthday-ready
We hope you’ll be inspired by our 10th birthday to make your fundraising activity, event or challenge really special in 2021. 

How could you incorporate ‘10’ into your activity, event or challenge? As a fundraising target perhaps. Or as a distance you want to achieve (see our 10k challenge). Perhaps you could set yourself 10 different challenges in 2021?

Whatever you decide to do, our advice would be to: Our advice would be to:
  • Make it fun
  • Make it achievable
  • Make it safe
  • Make sure it’s legal
  • Make it collaborative (the more people on board, the more you can share the work and spread the word)
  • Make sure you don’t forget to ask for the money!

There’s a season for everything, however, and if fundraising’s not right for you right now, you could also help us by volunteering or simply donating.

The possibilities are endless!

– but sadly, this web page isn’t. So here’s just a small selection of ideas:
  • Onesie Wednesday
  • Christmas jumper day
  • Donation bin scheme
  • Getting sponsored for one of our events, like our 10k challenge
  • Getting sponsored for doing a skydive
  • Doing a sponsored event or challenge of your own – like a ‘bath of beans’!
  • Collecting things to donate to our charity shops
  • Organise an event – like a virtual pub quiz
  • Collect spare change – British or foreign (you can order a free flatpack collection box here)
  • Collecting 'in memory' donations in place of cards, gifts or flowers (weddings or funerals).

You can also check out our suggested events.

Expert tips to make your event go swimmingly

  • There are no limits to how creative you can be. The more unusual your idea, the more interest you could attract. But stay safe, please!
  • Check out our ‘organising your own event’ page for helpful guidance and useful tools.
  • Before you embark on planning and organising, do check out our handy fundraising toolkit.
  • Tell us your plans, because we can help publicise and promote your event on social media. We may even be able to come along and support you in person!

Questions or help?

Our fundraising team is here to help, advise, support and encourage you! Call them on 01484 411040 or email We have plenty of ideas and supporting materials if you need them. We’d also love to hear all about it afterwards!