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Organise your own event

We’ve got everything you need to get started, plus lots of tips for helping you reach your target.

All sorts of completely ordinary but absolutely extraordinary people take it upon themselves to become events organisers in their spare time, and all because they want to raise money for us. So there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do it, too! We’ve got everything you need to help you make your event a success.

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Our fundraising toolkit

Our fundraising toolkit contains loads of handy tips and a step-by-step guide to running a great event.

Useful downloads

Here are a few bits and pieces you may find useful:

Fundraising registration form

We’d love to know about your event – if you want, we can even help publicise it! So please fill in our fundraiser registration form, which is also how you order fundraising materials and branded bits ‘n bobs to help promote your event.

Questions or help?

Our fundraising team is here to help, advise, support and encourage you! Call them on 01484 411040 or email And don’t forget to tell us all about it afterwards –  we’d really love to see your photos.

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