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99 Business Club

What a pleasant surprise: a charity going out of its way to make a difference to YOUR business.

We’re aware that a lot of charities just ask, ask, ask. And yes, we do it, too; we wouldn’t survive without the support of the business community. But there has to be something in it for you too, right?

That’s why we work really hard to make it worth your while to support us. Membership of our 99 Business Club brings you together with other businesses in the region for networking, publicity, social media promotion, new ideas and information, and helping you reach and expand your CSR objectives. All while supporting local children and families in serious need.

Go on. Become a 99er and help us a spread a bit more magic for local children with life-shortening conditions. We can currently reach only 15% of the children who need us: with your help we could start saying ‘yes’ to the other 85%.

“We’re very happy to be part of the 99 Business Club. It’s a fabulous networking idea, offering robust opportunities to meet new businesses as well as to keep in contact with like-minded customers who also support the hospice"
Amanda Crowther, Arrow Self-Drive


What do you get out of joining?

  • A quarterly networking event, usually over a lunchtime for a more relaxed atmosphere. We’ll even set up an introduction if there’s a particular business you’d like to meet. There’s often a guest speaker, but we recognise that meeting people is your main priority.
  • When there’s anything you’d like to promote to the wider community, we can help: 99 Business Club is very busy on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • You’ll join our LinkedIn group, so you can tap into our online network, too.
  • Reciprocal web stuff: we’ll put each other’s logos and homepage links on our websites, so you’ll be showing your support for a great cause and we’ll be promoting you.
  • You’ll get priority access to our events and activities.
  • You’ll get a special invitation to come see Russell House for yourselves on our open days.
  • We’ll send you a certificate of membership (which can spark a lot of interest in your reception area).
  • You’ll reap lots of benefits when it comes to employee and customer engagement.

What’s your side of the deal?

  • First off, of course, we ask for a regular donation to Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. The amount and frequency are entirely up to you, but we suggest £99 a month.
  • Once you’ve seen the benefits of 99ers for yourself, we’d love you to recommend it to your business contacts.
  • We’d really appreciate reciprocal social media: we’ll share your news if you’ll share ours. It’d be a real help when it comes to supporting our events, especially when there are tickets to sell and places to book.
  • This one’s a no-brainer: please use our logo appropriately and responsibly. We’ll do the same with yours.
  • Just tell people about us. It’s that simple.

How do you join?

You won’t know how good it is until you join. So sign up today by downloading our application form, and sending it back to Sammie Loucas at Russell House, Fell Greave Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1NH. Unfortunately we can't accept scanned copies as we need an original signature. 

Any questions? Please call Sammie on 01484 411 040 or 07918 561353. (Sammie’s got a master’s in bioscience, so if that’s your bag you’re in for an interesting chat!) And if you’d like to help but aren’t sure of the best way, just fill in this quick form and we’ll call you back to discuss a few options with you.