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Charity of the Year

If you’re the kind of big-hearted, forward-planning company which chooses a charity of the year (or even if you’ve never yet done it), may we – ahem – suggest ourselves?

Lots of businesses do lots of things for charities. But some decide to really make a thing of it, get focused, and choose a ‘charity of the year’.

We’d really love to be your charity of the year. We promise to support you as much as possible, and to create as many business benefits for you as we can!


The benefits of appointing a charity of the year

There are lots of advantages for you:

  • It helps to get the whole organisation pulling together towards the same objectives
  • Your support becomes more corporate and strategic, rather than personal and piecemeal
  • It’s easier to measure and manage your activities in order to support your CSR objectives
  • When your employees choose the charity, that’s great for engagement
  • Research shows that employees prefer to work for organisations which care – so that’s good news for recruitment and retention.

What it means to be our Charity of the Year

  • We’ll provide a dedicated account manager to work with you, helping you to plan a programme and come up with ideas, and who will provide all the support you need throughout the year
  • We’ll also build a close relationship with your business: you’ll be invited to come and see the hospice for yourself, get to know our senior staff, and participate in major events
  • We’ll support you throughout the year with as much publicity as we can pump out: press releases, our own social media, sharing your social media, case studies, getting your name splashed about, and anything else we can think of!


What will you have to do?

That’s up to you, really, but we’ll talk it all through with you, generate ideas which best fit your business, and then help you get everything in place and running smoothly. We’ll help you put together a strategy which maximises employee engagement, team-building and CSR.


Next steps

To explore this further, without obligation, please contact  our team by emailing or calling 01484 411040.