Corporate Charity Challenge

Does your team have what it takes to turn £50 into £1000s – in just 3 months?

Here’s a corporate challenge to really get your teeth into!

A competition between 15 local businesses and organisations to raise the most money in just three months, starting with a seed fund of just £50 each. 

Great for team-building and personal development, it’s also a huge tick in the CSR box and a brilliant PR opportunity. 

How it works

We give you £50 and you have just three months to turn that into as much money for Forget Me Not as you can. Do that in whatever way you choose (as long as it’s legal!) – the more creative, the better!

With prizes for the team who raises the most, we expect this to be a hotly fought competition – so you’ll need to bring your A-game! Has your team got the initiative, determination, imagination and resourcefulness to win? 

What’s in it for you?

Our corporate charity challenge is a great opportunity to focus your fundraising efforts in a way that motivates, inspires and challenges your team. It’s good for team-building, developing initiative, collaboration, competitiveness and creativity. 

It’s also a really positive, fun and different way to demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility, makes for a fantastic PR story and can help employee and customer engagement.

What kind of things can you do?

Anything, as long as it’s legal! The point is to invest the £50 to deliver the biggest return possible. And then keep reinvesting your profits to make even more. 

So it’s up to you, but here are some ideas you can almost certainly improve on:

• buy ingredients and hold a series of lunches or bake sales
• put on a gig, comedy event or talent show; use the money to hire a venue and promote it, and sell tickets
• buy saleable items at car-boot sales and charity shops and sell them for a profit
• hold a happy hour after work – get the ingredients and make up delicious cocktails.

Next steps

There are only 15 places in this year’s corporate charity challenge so don’t delay – get in touch today!

Your team will be invited to our launch event in March at our hospice, for inspiration and to meet and network with the other teams taking part. You’ll then have till the end of June to turn £50 into as much as you can! 

In September, we’ll reconvene at Revolucion De Cuba in Huddersfield for an award ceremony with a difference!

For more information and to get your team signed up email or call 01484 411 040.