charity event showing people throwing coloured powder over themselves for the Colour Run event.

Fundraising ideas

We’re so grateful for the support we get from the business community. That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

We know you want to help, and we know you’re busy. So it’s our job to make it easy and efficient.

Whatever the size of your business, however ambitious or simple your plans to support us, we’ll work with you to make sure it’s a great experience for everyone. You can ask us for our ideas and help, or you can come to us with something exciting and new. And we’ll always do our very best to ensure that your business benefits in as many ways as possible.

Sponsorship opportunities

There are loads of ways to get your brand more widely seen, and to link your name with such a fantastic cause. For example, depending on your budget and objectives, you could…
  • be a headline sponsor for one of our mass-participation events (like our Colour Run or Dragon Boat Race)
  • sponsor some of our children’s activities and events, such as trips out, mother & baby groups or parties
  • sponsor a day at our hospice

Events big & small

Events are a brilliant way for teams to work together to raise money while reaching out to the wider community. You might run a bake sale or Yorkshire Tea Day, or host a golf day or a charity ball. We’ll be standing by to offer the benefit of our experience. If your event is public, we’ll also splash it across our social media and networks; if it’s internal, we’d be very happy to come and do presentation about our work.

Payroll giving – costs you less, we get more!

Your employees can choose to make regular donations to us directly from their salaries. It’s a simple way to help spread a little magic throughout the year. And it’s tax-free – we get the tax, instead of the government: if a standard-rate taxpayer pledges £5.00 from their gross monthly salary, it will only cost them £4.00 but we’ll get the full £5.00. Find out more about payroll giving

Charity of the year

When companies choose us as their charity of the year, it can do wonders for motivation and teamwork. And it’s a great way to show your commitment to your local community. We’ll assign an account manager to work with you; they’ll help you put together a plan of events and challenges, and then support you with them. We’ll work hard to ensure you get best possible publicity from the relationship, reaching the audiences you’re interested in. And there are volunteering opportunities with us, too, if you want them – in our shops, our offices or our gardens, or at events.


Many businesses have a match-funding programme. This means that for each £ raised by an employee, the company will top it up by a certain amount (usually £ for £). It’s a low-hassle way for employers to support us while also recognising their team members’ efforts. Plus, if the employee is a UK taxpayer, we’ll get the Gift Aid, too, so it’s very much appreciated by us!

Ready to have a chat?

If you fancy exploring these or any other ideas, please call our fundraising team on 01484 411040 or email